Works of



*乭Bach Orgelbüchlein乭 (Easy + Nice label, 2017)

* 乬Russian Love乭 (Easy + Nice label, 2016)

one of the few records the last year or so that scratch my ear in the right way乧乭 (Music Android)

* 乬duality乭 (further records, 2014)

Great stuff with a very meditative/ transcendent quality but not in a retro new age cheese way.  (Norman Records, UK)

乬This is like Decimus乫 distorted minimal patterns met Dolphin Tears乫 nice sweet lo-fi sound.  (Meditations Records, JAPAN)

* 乬Hurry up and relax乭 (databloem

 records, 2011)

*乬Music for waki people乭 ( 2004)

CD is available at the bandcamp page

*乬music for lazy people乭 (KOMPAKT 2001)

Sold out

*乬Tea for two乭 (loveburger records, 1997)

Sold out

*乬take you to the bottom乭 (loveburger records, 1995)

CD is sold out, but download available at the bandcamp page



*other recent works; go to bandcamp

* soundcloud : sound showcase + relationship with musicians


*Easy + Nice : is a new eclectic label, run by waki, that has released 12 cdrs / download albums.


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