Waki (WAKISAKA Akifumi (1967-), is an electronic music composer / producer living in Kyoto city Japan. His style is ambient / chill techno / drone / electro, or sometimes just experimental. He has the tendency to make his music meditative, not loud, repetitive, philosophical / ethereal, or sometimes even funny. He had been using analog stuff + digital outboards to make music for long time, but since around 2010 he mainly uses PCs. Waki has released some music from traumschallplatten (koeln), databloem (holland), sentrall (san francisco), further records (seattle), plop (japan), dub restaurant (japan) and his own label loveburger, etc. In 2015 he started his new label, gEasy + Niceh. The basic concept of it is to introduce interesting any kind of music with CDR / downloadable data.



* discography: main stuff

And websites like discogs or interval-audio may help.


to book waki as a live performer, or to communicate directly, send an e-mail toc  (change # to @).

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